Photo of Janet Nicol

Janet L Nicol

Professor, Depts. of Linguistics and Psychology, Program in Cognitive Science




I have degrees in Linguistics, Speech Pathology, and Brain and Cognitive Sciences. My appointment at the University of Arizona is split 3 ways, and I am also an active member of the Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching.

My research is, and always has been, multi-disciplinary, and my interests broaden with each passing year. At the core of my research is language: how we produce and comprehend it, how we learn new languages and become able to reach some level of proficiency, what happens when language breaks down.  But I'm also interested in the interplay between language and more general skills and abilities, the use of language in remembering, language ambiguity in "word problems" in math, the use of technology in second language learning, and so on.

But all of that is about the scientific study of language. I have--like most in the field--a deep and abiding appreciation for the complexity and beauty of language, and enjoy puns, poetry, and language games of all sorts.